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40702 Doreen R. Seriously????

UNEDITED BLOG, Don’t feel like going back over it right now! If this lady lives at 40702, then I am a white woman.  Nevertheless if she does or doesn’t there seems to be something sinister about this residence.  Gold maibox flag, dots on the mailbox, but again I digress. The man that comes out of […]

A Parking Puck – WTF……???

Well Helloooo Readers! It is the day after a Merry Blessed Christmas (in spite of it all). I pray and trust that you had a great one and if you are a TI, that at least you tried.  We had about 14 friends and family over. I only had about 4 hours asleep, so naturally […]


They want you to apologize.  They said you passed classified information. They said you are not in your place. THEY send gay porn to Corporate computers to try and set you up.  THEY did set up one guy with gay porn, fired him  and THEY ensured he was fired from his next job, because THEY […]

Seen and Unseen Dangers – a TIs’ Mindmapping Thoughts

Hi Readers, Have you ever had so much on your mind, that you weren’t sure which path to take, so you just begin and allow the chips to fall where they may.  Today was such a great and  humbling day. I do not know where to start.  So let’s start with Church.  Ahh, yes an excellent […]

Silence – Betrayal!

There comes a time when silence is betrayal!   You know when one is being Bullied, Terrorized the victim wants just someone they can trust, someone they can share their hurt and pain with, but so many people (not known at the time) are DECEIVERS. I mean when you reside in an insular world and this […]

Senseless on The Defenseless – Sandy Hook – Evil in the Season of Christ

The devil is busy!  REBUKE  Satan(ists) in the name of Jesus! You know there is nothing worse to me than someone harming innocent children.  It bores to the core of my soul!  Little ones are so precious, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you pray for their protection, they typically love […]

Orchestrated Hate – Jeff Feinberg

Good Morning, Today, I decided to do what I need to do before I do everything and that is to abide in the word and pray.  I wish I could say I was disciplined in this approach daily.  When I engage in my morning devotion(s), I typically begin with this devotional entitled Jesus Calling by […]

TIs and Forgiveness – Is It Possible, Should it Be??

Hmmm, hi again.  I woke up the other morning thinking about forgiveness.  The Word says in Matthew 5:44, But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.  There was a time in what I term as my righteous indignation fueled anger that I said that is straight bull excrement!  How […]

A TI’s Survival of Universal Deceit and Lies

Is there such a thing?  What is survival to a TI whose marrow screams, Can you Hear Me Now?  Will you Hear Me Now?  Why won’t you hear me at all?  Who has the power -remind me again, evil man or God?????  1st Corinthian 2:5  So that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, […]

Special Agent William Bannister (C759) – Fraudster!

Wow, what seemed like a nice man actually turned out to be a lying rogue agent, a devil in sheep’s clothing!  I mean this dirt digger, trying to paint me as an angry black woman (nothing could have been further from the truth at that time), fraudster sat in my living room, asking questions as if he […]

What Did You Do……The Prevailing Question?

I assume when people are in awe at the magnitude of power and hate Jeff Feinberg has, that  they cannot imagine one person creating such a wide range of destruction, FRAUD and conspiracy, the prevailing question between clinched teeth (like the satellite doesn’t capture that) is What Did You Do?  Hmmmm let’s see, fight a […]

Deception and Smiling Faces

One thing about residing in an insular community, there is just a lot that one does not know.  The exposure is so limiting that you can’t fathom an environment of Targeted Individuals as a hobby.  Yes, you are aware that there are mean, evil and wicked people, but not to the point that is is […]

Cryptic Email Message October 9, 2012

This is a message that was sent just as it is depicted less the bolded text of which I bolded for emphasis. From: “emmzqiucij” <> Date: October 8, 2012, 2:47:02 PM EDT To: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> Subject: Online Pharmacy I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, […]

Bully Burn Notices and Employment Blacklisting: The Prelude

Hi, it’s me again – standing in the need of prayer.  You know in my insulated cocoon of life, I’d NEVER heard the term burn notice, vaguely knew about blackballing, clearly not to the magnitude of what I’ve recently learned about and that I am currently in the process of experiencing.  Never knew that one […]

What’s It All About, This Crazy Life

Good Day, You know I recall being asked “why you”, “what did you do”?  Being told, when “they” want to get you, they will.  Being told, they are watching and so forth and so on (song Everyday People playing in my head right now).  Well I want to know who this “they” are? I want […]