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Smiling Faces Sometimes and GangStalking

Also Unedited right now. This song is playing in my head – Smiling Faces.  I used to sing that song so much as a youth that I really never imagined the future of this music having an impact in my life.  I woke up this morning with the song in my head. It has played […]

40702 Doreen R. Seriously????

UNEDITED BLOG, Don’t feel like going back over it right now! If this lady lives at 40702, then I am a white woman.  Nevertheless if she does or doesn’t there seems to be something sinister about this residence.  Gold maibox flag, dots on the mailbox, but again I digress. The man that comes out of […]

Bully Burn Notices and Employment Blacklisting: The Prelude

Hi, it’s me again – standing in the need of prayer.  You know in my insulated cocoon of life, I’d NEVER heard the term burn notice, vaguely knew about blackballing, clearly not to the magnitude of what I’ve recently learned about and that I am currently in the process of experiencing.  Never knew that one […]

White and Black Bullying Terrorism – Cathartic Thoughts

Today, I went to the PMB. On my way in the building, I met this white lady on her way out of the coffee shop. She provided a compliment, I provided a thank you and a response. We chatted for about the next 15 minutes, excellent conversation – just really seem to have a connection. […]

What’s It All About, This Crazy Life

Good Day, You know I recall being asked “why you”, “what did you do”?  Being told, when “they” want to get you, they will.  Being told, they are watching and so forth and so on (song Everyday People playing in my head right now).  Well I want to know who this “they” are? I want […]

Bully Scars For Life Part 2 of 2

Hi, it’s me again – Blogging, One of the challenges that I want to make sure that I do not convey and that is complaining.  I want to convey truth and facts without  complaints, anger, self-pity or rage.  I imagine this is why it has taken me so long to document the ills of my […]