40702 Doreen R. Seriously????

Doreen Rauch

UNEDITED BLOG, Don’t feel like going back over it right now!

If this lady lives at 40702, then I am a white woman.  Nevertheless if she does or doesn’t there seems to be something sinister about this residence.  Gold maibox flag, dots on the mailbox, but again I digress. The man that comes out of that house is white.

This is one of my Gangstalkers. She use to stalk me in the neigborhood on my  morning walks. The week before court she was nearly running to catch up to me and my hubby.  She began talking to us as if we were long term friends. I clearly did not trust her as I ceased trusting black folks when I learned that many of them were deceivers on the payroll of Jeff’s orchestrated Blackau.  She came us to us in a hurried pant and was like “hey” blah, blah, blah and we are looking at her as if she was crazy as she has never said one word to us on the walks before, but all of a sudden the week of court she came up to us talking and said you all know me!!!! Really WTH???  I do not know you and I was not about to play her silly little game.  In fact, I saw her get out of a black car, I think it was a – just lost my thought,  by the pool with a tall slime white man driving.  Now I am not sure if we were on satellite target tracking or if we were on a timed walking tracking, nevertheless we were being stalked and tracked whatever their mechanisms were.  I tried to tell my husband early on that she was stalking us and of course he did not believe me.  I even told him that morning that she was going to come talk to us, he just was not buying it. And then she did. He couldn’t say anything then. I watch people, that is a gift I have, I should have been a detective, it was my first childhood dream career occupation, perhaps because dad was a MP and loved it so. I wanted to skip the police part and be a Detective like Peggy Lipton (Julie)  in the Mod Squad, like Starksy and Hutch, Like Beretta (well considering his plight now – hmmm, unless he was a TI in the MK ULTRA or some mind control program), like Teresa Graves in Get Christie Love, Pam Grier, in Coffy and Foxy Brown. After I learned I could not be a Detective without the police part, that dreamed waned and I was going to be the NEXT BLACK BARBARA WALTERS, then Oprah Usurped that, lol!  Oh my,  digression, digression.

I watched her pace and I knew, I believe I am gifted by God with Wisdom and Discernmnent most times.  Anywho, she comes up to us as if we are long term friends, saying you know me.  I turned my head and wasn’t playing at that party. Hubby chatted up with her a bit. I asked her where did she live, oops thespian retraining NEEDED.  She hesitated and said the house with the red flowers. If it wasn’t stupid, it was hilarious!  I wanted to roll over laughing at her sheer ignorance.  I wanted to say, do you know how many houses have red flowers.  These people clearly did not do their homework, she could not give me an address.  Now that I think about it, we must have been under satellite targeting, because our next walk we changed our path and this time she was walking towards us right in front of 40702.  Wael, this is when I snapped her photo. I stared to play with her and ask her if I could use her bathroom, but decided that might not be prudent.  So she pointed that she lived at this 40702. If you live at 40702, then why in the hell would some tall white man drive you to the pool in a black Maxima less than a mile away.  I tell you, they must really peg me for a dumb blonde or a dumb N word.   So for kicks and grins, I talked, hubby kept walking.  She said she worked out of her home in some legal capacity, the 40702 home that is.  Needless to say, she hasn’t been on a walk since I snapped her photo and I damn sure haven’t seen her come out that house and I called the Sheriff because I was planning to place a peace bond or what do you call those things – can’t think right now, oh restraining order.  Anywho, I did my own little investigation and no one black in this neighborhood ever saw her. So I went to her so-called neighbor, they must have paid them some chicken change to LIE.  That woman does NOT live in that house, but here is the power.  I made the mistake of putting on Twitter I had an OPEN HOUSE and they went into that MRIS database and put her name in there, or she is using the lady that lives there name. I told her I was going to come over, she said call first, lol!  She said her daughter was an Attorney and she was supposed to be married to that white man that I see coming out that house – ok, they are going to make me Sally Sausagehead yet.

She wanted to go racial on me, she said you know it is not that many of us out here. I am thinking, you are suppose to be married to that white man in 40702, yet you are concerned that it isn’t that many of us “blacks” in this neighborhood – REALLY????  Then why didn’t you move to SouthEast if you are concerned how many blacks are out here.  She did not fit the profile (Lawsd a Warren flashback – another blog) of a black woman married to a white man, especially in this neighborhood, wink, wink, you know what I mean – lol!  She did not want to take me there, trust me she didn’t. Here was the other thing, so I asked her where did her white husband work, cept I didn’t say white husband, I only said husband.  She said at the Pentagon. I said well tell him I need a job because I am blackballed.  Get this, sit down and hold your chair arm rests, she said, drum roll please – she said they ARE NOT HIRING!  ROTFLMBBO!!!!!! SERIOUSLY LADY, where did they get you from, Florida????? Are you related to the woman they brought in to set up Kenneth Ford, NSA?  I wanted to roll on that ground, but I am trained vey well in maintaining my composure even when I am enraged, outraged, angry, livid (choose your vernacular), I do it quite well.  I release my dander through writing – is cathartic and it is TRUE.  So the Pentagon is NOT HIRING, well one thing I can say for their Gangstalkers, in the midst of my pain, they have provided some real comic relief.  All that laughter, I did not need any anti-depressants that is for sure!

They need me to train their Gangstalkers, lol!  Look at at that photo, do you really think she is white man’s black woman – I didn’t think so.  I’d come closer  even with my poundage and they can’t stand me.  Well some, lol!  Probably all of them now!  Whatevah! Lol!  I mean geez, a T-shirt with musical war.  I mean how about Armour, Nike, Champion, what is the new label the Suburbanites are wearing, ugh, ugh, NorthFace.  I mean even I know one’s attire has to blend in with the local populace – ha! ha!  Had her T-shirt been imprinted with any of those labels, then I may  have believed her – NOT REALLY, she didn’t speak well enough for Loudoun’s boogie, sedity, not in our places black women :o). Her articulation wasn’t on par with the black or white women in this hood – lol!  (Or as Aileen would write, my work was subpar, but no counseling statments or PIPs – okay Black woman’s Denigrator/Belittle – ler  heifer).  Sooo not convinced! And in the legal field, ugh, then we are IN TROUBLE!  Just wasn’t uppity “N” enough, and didn’t have the skills/expertise to fake or act it being a lawyer and many people think I am!  RETRAIN!  I mean darling we do reside in Loudoun, or Massa Chalie, I meanz we dooze live in Loudoun – choose your vernacular!

Actually she looks like Lavonne A. look like they mayz be kin folk you know. Whatever the case, she hasn’t been back out here since, but she lives at 40702.  Okay, if she says so.  So she says it is not that many of us out here – AND????? Her point being what, when you find out, please let me know. No that is okay – don’t it is truly not that important.  But FOR THE RECORD, I am going to set the record straight about my RACISM.

With the exception of EVIL people, and last time I checked, evil was not a race. I love and respect all good people of every race, religion and socioeconmic background. I am and have always been a lover of people. I love people, love communicating and interacting with all kinds of people and can’t speak on mostly any topic without anger arising. I love getting others’ viewpoints.  What I don’t like are evil, racists, mean bullies, lying, deceiving people, I don’t give a darn what color you are, what religion you are.  I don’t do mean people.  If you are white and you are not evil, I have nothing against you. If you are black and not  evil, I have nothing against you.  She, this so called Doreen and another one Nadira tried to play this race card on me – WHY? Anyone who knows me know I am NOT a racist, I am straight shooter,  YES,I  tell it like it is – YES!, Fair – YES! ask any white or black or latino or asian person that has ever worked for or with me.  I don’t play silly little games. I take care of my people no matter the color and I tell you what I want you to know – period. I am not FAKE on any level! If you ask me, be prepared for the response because I am not a coddler or a sugar coater and at 51 I am not about to be. ESPECIALLY NOW! after all this heinous criminal BS I have been terrorized with!

So if you want to make me a racist, how sad, to damn bad. Never seen nothing like this even with the racists I have had to deal with, even turned some of those evil farts into marshmallows. Jeff is truly a special socio/psychopathic demonic case. Angry because others loved and enjoyed life and it was/is his life’s mission to haunt and terrorize happy people – and think everyone should be afraid of him.

Here is a Director, semi Executive, money- making, fine home, Feinberg's homeracking up frequent flyer miles up the gazoo, wife working for him or might as well have been. They live in Massachusettes, fly in and the Corporation puts them up in a fine hotel each and every freakin week.  I mean if that is not the golden life I don’t know what is.  From all external aspects they were blessed just as I felt blessed although I did not have half probably even a fourth of what they had and those effers didn’t want me to have what I honestly, diligently, and legally worked for.  I wasn’t bothering him, I never disrespected him, I was NEVER insubordinate to him, but his mission became to make me homeless, take away my hopes, dreams and retirement. Hell just think what he would have done, had I done something to him. If this is how he treats someone who is nice, what in the hell does he do to mean people.  I am NOT BACKING down from this and I HATE him NOW just as much as he hates me! He is and was wrong. I doubt seriously he would have backed down had someone did this Bull excrement to him. This is purely insanity! I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!  AND SINCE HE TOOK MY JOY, MY LIVELIHOOD, why should he be rewarded.  Til the last breath Jeff Feinberg! Til the last breath!  No human of any ilk should suffer at his hands for his hatred whatever the cause. FIGHTING BACK! The best Christian can’t dress up the fact that he is a demonic asshole

You know all most Americans want –  is to earn a decent living, be happy, serve their higher power or not, be secure, have a a roof over their head, food on their table, educate their children, themselves, have good health or health insurance from decent medical people (not like covered Stacy P. Hirsch or that crook Doctor in Bethesda, faxing people cancer diagnoses to me – intentionally, truly another blog and trust me  have the wisdom and discernment on this – they are STUPID EVIL), happiness, enjoy some wants and these fucks just randomly pick people to breakdown and destroy with their stinkin ass satellites, pills, vaccines, Gangstalkers, murderers Just Cause and think everyone is suppose to kow tow and eat their shit. I am angry now, thinking about this bull! So excuse my damn language, but I have to get it out!

And once this TRUTH is fully blogged, prayed over, repented or whatever God’s plan is, then I won’t talk about it again, but until then, I ask your indulgence to a hurting heart, damaged soul and oft times angry spirit, but trust me this is why I did not blog early on, it would have been raw ugly, this is TAMED, trust me it is. Walk in my shoes and then talk to me about letting this shit go – IT IS NOT THAT EASY! I am human, I have blood running thought my veins, I have a heart so NO, I am not embarrassed about PAIN, I am not embarrassed about expressing my HURT, IT IS WHAT IT IS. I am not one to front on put on airs that everything is FINE because it fucking is NOT. I pray and I trust and I deal with it my way, in my time and God’s time. It is my desire he saves/restores me, but if not, I deal with and accept  it BOLDLY and COURAGEOUSLY!  And if people don’t like it, they don’t have to deal with me or read my blogs. But I am confident that I am not the only one facing such heinous abuse, nor will I be the last. Kinda like what my Pastor said when I  was a teen and pregnant.  People need to know they do NOT have to commit workplace violence, they do NOT have to seek revenge on their BULLY/DOMESTIC TERRORIST.  That they DO NOT HAVE to reside in FEAR or PARANOID OBLIVION of no evil ass wretched depraved  & demented demon beast man!Best Revenge

WHY – so they can haunt and terrorize you in your silence and then claim you are crazy?  Hell if they are going to paint me as crazy, I might as well be PUBLIC about it, so at least you all can get both sides of the ugly, not just those with money and power to make it be what they want it to be!

How many people are insane because NO ONE would believe the voiceless?  NO ONE would believe they turn up music in your home to the highest decibels, change locks on your home to either move things around (read Secrets of the FBI), that they send cars to make people have fatal car wrecks, that they damage property, cars, steal your damn money out the bank, that they make good innocent citizens homeless, that they set people up, that they send rapists. Who believes shit like this!  Well TIs need to know the very technology these devils use against us, can be used against them to EXPOSE TRUTH of their evil actions. Because to many are drugged up, out of this world trying to tell the truth! And now they are crazy. To many are in prison for mind-controlled crimes, to many have committed suicided, killed others to assuage their PAIN and I am here to tell you, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE THIS ENEMY THE SATISFACTION. I may not say it like I should all the time, sometimes I don’t want to, sometimes I do. Sometimes I want to be spiritually correct, other times, I just plain don’t give a shit.  But I strive for the spiritually correct and as you can see, I fall down, I fall short, but I trust one day, I will get it right in accordance with the word of God. Sorry, I can’t go from A to Z or 1st grade to college. It is a journey and normal people must know, pain like this does not poof and go away. It takes prayer, it takes work!  So therefore it is what it is! Until then, you have me!  Dawn, not crazy, just hurt and angry and trust me I have come a loonnnngg way!  Perhaps you will learn a few nuggets, if nothing else, what NOT TO DO – Lol!  But realizing everyone’s purpose and path is different!  Many things I leave out the blogs, why  – because I want you to buy the book. Starting all over again at 50 damn 1 years old, ain’t nobody got time for that – some of you all know what I am talking about, that song is in my head right now.  Well that is me, the Enemy of the State/World all because of a racist Jewish beastman by the name of Jeff Feinberg, who boasts about haunting people forever and that is because he worked in Radio and Satellite at DARPA, Raytheon and has his goons in the Government to make it happen all under the cloud of National Security, so they get off with crimes and terrorism against humanity just cause they are evil and can. Well, TIs we can blog, get a radio show , write a book (self published – no doubt) and tell the true side of our pain, not just their power dollars paid for LIES!  Those that believe us – will and those that believe them – will. At least now we stand a 50/50 chance of getting our TRUTH out!  I am so thankful that I was raised in Church with a spiritual foundation. The way I curse, I guess some of you say what Church was that?  But the point I am trying to make, is if you don’t have a higher power, a source to draw from, you are apt to do anything and fall right into their demon trap. And trust me on one occasion I did – book stuff. You see they really want to see us destroy ourselves through forced suicide or I call it peripheral murder, excessive drinking, excessive drugs, illegal or prescribed so they can claim clean hands.  You see they merely set the stage (watch the movie Devil’s Advocates or Advocate).  They make some greedy for money, drugs, alcohol, sex and then we lose control and they sit back laughing on how we yielded to the stage of temptations they set, then they move on to the next target, repeating their same evil demonic cycle.

I am like the young ones now, Imma tell you that I WILL NOT BE COMMITTING SUICIDE!  If they murder me and make it look like one, it is a LIE – investigate!  Imma tell you that I WILL NOT KILL ANYONE! If you hear of me doing so, know they injected me with something or satellite zapped me in their MK Ultra or MK Ultra like Mind Control  program. Imma TELL YOU, MY MIND IS STRONG through all their heinous crimes. I wish I could talk to Assata. Yes I get angry, but only angry enough to write the truth and the pain, nothing more.  Imma tell you stay camera and recorder ready! Imma tell you to PRAY always. Imma tell you to love anyway  now that is hard because Immm NOT there, lol!, but Imma working on it, a lil bit. Just a teeny bit right now.

A part of me want to hate them as much as they hate me, because I do not believe you can win this sect with love and at times I do, but most times I don’t hate just when I am triggered by the pain.  Nor do I want waste my energy loving someone who hates me.  But Imma tell you that ain’t right, so I’ve been told via the way I was raised.  Imma tell you, I want God to understand my justified hate, but that ain’t right either. Imma ask you why the victim turn victor always have to do right in a world of so much evil.  To me, some people need their own dose back to understand the magnitude of pain they put innocent folks through. I bet those devils couldn’t take a 10th of the evil and toxins they spew. Imma tell you to TRUST and ACCEPT the will of God if you are a believer, if you are not, Imma tell you for me, it is the only way. Imma tell you NOT to play in the hands of the beasts NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Imma go, I have another EEOC case to file.  They are devil busy on every flank, but we must FIGHT for JUSTICE in an evil UNJUST Fallen society.  Imma go fo real this time.  Out. WE CAN DO IT IF WE TRY!  Better, Wiser! Highest and Bestest! NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!Lao Tzu

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