A Parking Puck – WTF……???

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Well Helloooo Readers!

It is the day after a Merry Blessed Christmas (in spite of it all). I pray and trust that you had a great one and if you are a TI, that at least you tried.  We had about 14 friends and family over. I only had about 4 hours asleep, so naturally I have a headache today, but I push, press, pray and PRAISE in the midst of it all.  It is cold and we have a winter mixture of ice and snow.  So this is a day, I’m glad to be able to stay inside.  I so enjoyed my nieces and nephew yesterday.  Many children bring so much joy and laughter, especially my little ones.

As I talked and laughed with them, I could not help but wonder how many Jeff Feinbergs would they encounter simply because of their hue, their socioeconomic status or that of their parents lineage.  The children are well spoken, they are being groomed in the teachings of God, being postured to discern between right and wrong, good and evil and YET who will ATTACK them just because?  God be a fence all around them everyday!  I know you can, I know you will…

Will all the prayers be able to abate such a heinous attack of evil?  If it does, will they be able to handle it, stand on the word of God in the midst of it all and FAINT NOT, no matter the demonic forces that may come their way!  Prayerfully NONE!  Their innocence, their honesty – all you want is for them to be good Godly adults free from hurt and pain inflicted by demons.  They sing to the glory of God, but life and peers change much of what we learn as children, but somehow if the seeds have been planted and watered, somehow we believe that in between they will blossom with what has been rooted in them.

I recall this Friday afternoon, January 2007 (a new year), this individual comes to my office panting in fear. I am thinking what is wrong?  I am concerned.  This person first words “they want you to apologize to Mike”.  Bewildered, perplexed, uggh thinking what are you talking about, but saying aloud – apologize to Mike for what?????  The person says, it is my fault…I didn’t say anything to you, because Mike said it was over, but Jeff saw him walking down the hall and asked if that situation had been resolved and Mike said no, although he informed me it was. I am like what, what situation?????  What are you talking about?  The situation with the parking puck, what situation as I had NO CLUE that the parking puck scenario that occurred in October 2006 had ever escalated to anything.  It is now what 3.5 months later and this is my first hearing of it and I am suppose to apologize  – for what?

Mike feels that you talked down to him, talk down to him – seriously, tell me I am dreaming. I did not talk down to Mike, I culled the chronological events of his inconsistent price lies.  But you wrote an email this person says.  Exactly, I am thinking as a black woman I have to write an email, because people lie, “some” white men lie on blacks like nobody’s business (and if this is not you there is no reason to be offended), because “some” blacks lie on blacks too, especially for some chicken change.   So I say, exactly because I did not want a lie or anything I said – misconstrued.  We just came out of a Christmas and New Years season and this is what I am getting on a Friday afternoon, three and a half months later, that the best Jeff could do in a New Year is stir up old excrement that I had no clue about anything transpiring.

So this is how I am informed the story went.  Mike Fazio evidently went to this person in October to say, he felt that I talked down to him in the email I wrote to him about changing prices and name dropping Paul Bates on an invisible policy.  They had a conversation of which I was NEVER informed about, Jeff sees this person, ask if it had been resolved after 3.5 months (sounds like Jeff looking to sir up something), he says no to Jeff, but yes to this other person.

So he says this infamous “they” want you to apologize for talking down to Mike.  After the shock and asking for what and finding out that all this transpired without my knowledge and NOT believing, I’d talked down to Michael Fazio, I said I am not apologizing to Mike, if anything he should be apologizing to me.  The person says PLEASE apologize because when they want to get you they will.  So I am thinking let me get this right, I get offended by Mike but yet I am suppose to apologize.  He said please, imploring me.  I said, I am going to Church Sunday and if I get that I am suppose to apologize  – I will.

Well Sunday came and I did not go to Church, but to keep the peace, I decided to apologize.  Monday morning came, I typed  and emailed the apology.  Well between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. after work at home, I get a call.  It was the person.  The person was on speaker phone, so I imagine the  targeting “they” were listening in.  The person says, I have been mandated to write you up, huh, I am dreaming again, right – write me up for what  I asked again PERPLEXED.  “They” did NOT like your apology?  WHAT, WHAT THE HELL I am thinking, they did not like my apology, well tell them to write it  “THEY” selves, cept I sad themselves.  I went ballistic, this is nothing but a continued witchhunt from October and so on and so forth, I was ANGRY! I am not taking a write-up, then I realized they were using this person to pit us against each other.  So finally, I say, I tell you what, you do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do.  No matter what I write, it was not going to be good enough, they were out for my blood.  The next day, I am expecting a write-up, that of course I was going to refute, but I never received a write up, only bullying, haunting, threatening about body parts, red flags, blackballing and domestic terrorism!  Should have took the write up, huh, lol!  Have to laugh to keep from crying over this stinking thinkin pure EVIL!

The next day, I am at work and again, the “they” team call me at work to say, that Michael Fazio is going to file a harassment complaint against me. I am thinking this must be some joke. Michael Fazio can’t file a harassment complaint against anyone as much as he talks about people.  So I say, fine,  I will counter.  So the “they” meaning Annie Ruschmeier in Human Resources says, well let me let the lawyers look at the email.  She calls back to say, the lawyers are looking at the apology email and we will call you back at 5:00 p.m. to let you know their decision. I say ok. I was not going to be moved by some event that occurred between some unhappy short napolean complex man – this was asinine and a colossal waste of time. Clearly, Verizon wasn’t paying Jeff FeinBEASTberg enough if the best he had to do in his work day was to stir up stink between employees, three and a half months later.  I clearly was much busier and made a whole lotta less money. I wish I would have known about Sweet Brown then, because I damn sure would have said, “ain’t  nobody got time for that”  and  “I am not about that life”  that messy life – messy beastberg.  But I was only equipped with what I had at that time and being backed in a corner with abuse of any kind, does not fit well in my benevolence paradigm.  I am not used to this type of crap.

So just as she said at 5:00 p.m. SHARP, on the dot, Annie calls back to say, the lawyers read the email (I will have copy of the email in the book) and said “IT IS INDEED AN APOLOGY”  so I am confident this just pissed Beastberg off, so he had to truly engage in a terror war to destroy this black woman.  So what happened in October 2006 to spark this hue hate from Jeff Feinberg.

Let’s see how this hate is warranted or not (is hate ever justified, especially over a parking puck):

Okay, I took my car to the shop for maintenance.  The shop provide me with a loaner car.  I took the parking puck or parking transponder (choose your vernacular) from my car and put in the loaner car.  When I returned the loaner car, I inadvertently left the parking transponder in car.  The car had been loaned out again and the Shop personnel informed me that when the person returned the car, they would check the car for the transponder. In the mean and between time, I was getting a paper parking sticker. I think I’d gotten 2 or 3 and then when I went to get another one, the Receptionist informed me, I had to go to Facilities as they had been instructed not to give me anymore parking stickers.  Oh, okay, at this time I had no idea I was on the Targeted Terrorism Hit List.

I went across the hall to Facilities to ask Mike about the parking sticker and he was sooooooo NASTY, it threw  me for a loop, because although he talked about everyone, he’d never really been nasty to me.  I took it that he was having a bad day ( as we ALL have those, no one is exempt from having a bad day or like Frank U. taught me, a character building day) and that someone must have peed in his wheaties, so I let it go and  left him to himself.  He immediately came to me and apologized, said he was under a lot of pressure and that he would get me a puck, because they given other people pucks. Cool, I accepted the apology and that was the end of that. I got my paper parking sticker.

I called the car shop, the car was returned but they were unable to locate the parking puck.  I waited for Mike to provide me with the puck, however; I never received it.  Some time/days later, I returned to Mike’s office  and informed him that the shop was unable to locate the transponder so I would need to “purchase” a new one, how much would it cost? He quoted $75, appalled I questioned $75 for a piece of plastic, what policy says that?  He said “we don’t have to provide a policy to employees for every freakin thing” or something to this effect.  I asked then how are employees suppose to know – be aware?  He said it is Paul Bates policy, I asked where can I read this, because $75 seems like a lot of money for a piece of plastic. He said that is the price. Like end of story, period.

I left his office, he came to me in a matter of minutes and said the transponder is $50. So in a matter of minutes it went from $75 to $50.  Needless to say, this was suspect to me.  I wrote him an email delineating the events of how he initially informed me, that he would get me a parking transponder for free, because others had lost theirs and they replaced them FREE. I even talked to other people, an employee and an Independent Contractor who had lost theirs and it was replaced for free and here I was willing to pay, but I just could not believe a piece of plastic was $50, let alone $75.

In my email to Mike, I pointed out the inconsistencies in his quoted prices of this puck and this mysterious Paul Bates policy.  I guess this is where he felt I talked down to him, but I never knew anything about it. What I do know, is a policy came out after the fact by Steve Reynolds, the Facilities Manager who to me is nothing but a hidden KKK racist.  He was not nice, he never spoke, he just looked at black people like we did not shower.  So he drafted this policy, which was not applicable to my scenario because it was to become effective November 1, 2006.  I requested the transponder in October and I did not request it FREE, I was informed that it would be FREE by Michael Fazio and so at that point,  it set the FREE expectation, but then the varying prices from $75 to $50 created suspicion.

I informed Randy Richmond, Randy said buy it with my own money and file an expense report.  I did just this, but can’t recall if I was ever reimbursed.  The parking transponder’s price eventually was $35 not $75.   So not sure if Michael was planning to capitalize off me or what.

So as the story unfolded to me in January, Michael went to this person on me in October when I sent him the email.  They had a conversation that  I was clearly unaware of and Jeff in his messiness resurfaced it in January.  I guess Jeff destroyed Tama Chalmers and her family  and was now it was onto his next female to ruin. Let me say this, it is my humble opinion that I believe he and his goons destroyed Tama Chalmers.  It is an opinion as I do not have the full not even the half story on her life’s ruination, but I somehow recall it was rumored that Jeff FeinBEASTberg had something to do with it. When he arrived, it was the destroy women and blacks division.  It is my understanding he made Tama homeless, that she had to live out of her car for awhile and was a major factor to in causing she and her spouse to divorce. Tama was once a vibrant, suit wearing female Exec.  She was sharp!  When I saw her after the rumored Jeff FeinBEASTberg’s ruination, her head was held down, like she was a slave in a Concentration Camp, she had on on frumpy flowery dress like Leslie would wear and she looked defeated.  My heart hurt for her so badly. I truly believe God allowed me to see her in this state for a reason.  The reason to TRUST him, to have FAITH, to give me STRENGTH to endure this demon and persevere with his word, but I had to to see the end product of his haunting and terrorism and FIGHT BACK for Tama, for Patsy, for Ros, FOR ME, for all the women mistreated and abused under the orchestration of Jeff’s harem. Event he best Christian would have a hard time forgiving and loving this in my opinion heinous, demented, depraved, demonic BEAST!  I just have a hard time accepting – they know NOT what they do.  Who wrote this – more research needed, because I see this as a bandaid part in the Bible and it must have been meant for a certain group, I need to research the history on this.

Naturally, I digress.

So after the Lawyers determined my apology to Mike was indeed an apology, Jeff intensified his efforts to ruin, terrorize and destroy me!  More later as I am not feeling well today, but I will tell every morsel of this truth because it is beyond ridiculous, but as I was speaking to a friend, also who had a tragedy.  Life is not always fair!  So we work with the cards we have been dealt.  We work to turn lemons in to lemonade.  We work to be the best we can in spite of evil, racism, hatred, injustices etc…. And that’s the way it is, it’s just like that.

So if all of Jeff’s hatred began because of a parking puck/transponder, (because I will stand, sit or be in a prone position with my hand on the Word of God and attest that I NEVER DID A THING TO THIS RACIST MISOGYNIST BEAST!  I was not disrespectful or insubordinate. I was not raised this way) then this world is truly in a sad state of affairs, but I will fight back til the last breath.

Blacks receive all kinds of injustices, lies, set-ups for the most minor infractions, that it did not nor will it end with me, but I will fight evil, racism, hatred and injustice back against me or anyone. I’ve never enjoyed the mistreatment of people, I do not care what hue, race, religion, origin etc… someone is. If you don’t like someone – keep it moving, if that person is not harming you/your family. Everyone is not going to like everyone, but that is not a license to free reign terrorism in their lives. Because there are those who will fight injustice back at ALL costs!

It is a sad day when a Director with so many blessings and favor in his life have nothing better to do than ruin people and then have the unmitigated gall and audacity to threaten them into silence, so no one will know what he does.  Bullying and Terrorism over a parking puck – WTF?  SMH!

Do you really believe if Jeff Feinberg received the hurt, paint, terror, haunting, taunting of what he has doled out, that he would not have fought back?  Think about it!  I didn’t thinks so!

God Help!  Please HELP us all TIs, Innocent victims  etc… struggling to expose, overcome the hurt and pain of Workplace Bullying, Targeting and Terrorism!  Thank you Lord!

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