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They want you to apologize.  They said you passed classified information. They said you are not in your place. THEY send gay porn to Corporate computers to try and set you up.  THEY did set up one guy with gay porn, fired him  and THEY ensured he was fired from his next job, because THEY inhale and delight in FEAR and INTIMIDATION.

THEY give you a jacked up briefing at 4:00 pm to present to a Korean delegation at STG (funny how that company will come up again – how do you say FRONT)  10:00 a.m. the next morning. THEY think THEY are setting you up for failure so THEY can have a reason to FIRE you. THEY really wanted you to say NO that you would not do it, so THEY can clarion call NOT a team player.

Genesis 50:20
As for you, you thought evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring about that many people should be kept alive, as they are this day.

But a warrior gets the job done, because this warrior has never been fired. The warrior was trained to be THEY best, THEY can be.

This warrior stays up to to the wee hours of the morning, rehearsing. This warrior goes in and present to THEY Korean delegation.  THEY Korean delegation is pleasantly pleased, I’m pleased, did a great job, so my THEY bosses will be pleased, right – wrong.  How do you fire someone for doing well after your SET-UP did not work? THEY DIDN’T but I am sure THEY wanted to, but it was better for THEY to haunt and harass.   Funny how THEY never told you, you did a great job, even when you asked in an email 2-3 times. THEY just plain ignore you, like you are black scum of the earth.  Push, Press, Pray and Praise through THEY evil, until THEY next terrorist attempt.

When THEY want to get you THEY will.   You ever wonder who are THEY and why can’t THEY talk directly to you?  Why is it that THEY most often have a messenger.  Maybe if more THEYs would talk, THEY would understand that people are different.  I am so sick of THEY.  For Petey’s sake communicate and cease the random HATE! Stop drinking the Hatorade!

Black people have and will continue to be oppressed by  THEY until this world ends, but THEY can also be black – so I have painfully learned. I’ve learned that the THEY are called Terrorists, Satanists, FreeMasons, Talmuds, Zionists, Gangstalkers, Citizen Informants, Perps, Sell Outs, Uncle Toms, Cowards, Sell you momma for $50 negroes,  Jackals, Depopulators and any other moniker you can think of – choose your vernacular.

THEY create conditions of Oppression, Suppression and Depression!  THEY manufacture HATE.  THEY evidently are employed by “THEY” devil.  THEY evidently are demented and depraved, but will lie on you as if you are.  THEY are EVIL!  THEY are crazy.  THEY are lunatics. THEY are Liars!  That is who THEY are.  THEY are cowards because THEY do their evil behind a computer, behind a steering wheel, behind anything so THEY won’t be seen.

THEY murder and THEY get away with it, why  I have no earthly idea.  THEY wear suits and ties in the Corporate Offices after THEY have DEWed murdered, stroked, heart attacked, cancered, accidented, someone. THEY come to work as normal as if THEY are normal.  THEY are the DEVIL!

THEY will reap and THEY will go straight to hell.  Sometimes I get upset when I think of THEY on their deathbed, repenting because THEY are only on THEY deathbed.  The thought of THEY slipping into heaven at the 11th hour only because THEY think maybe just maybe there is a hell and THEY don’t want to go after THEY have caused hell for so many innocent lives on earth.  That thought incenses me, that THEY want to get in at the last minuted to bring THEY evil into the Kingdom of God.

THEY make me ill.  Please God help me with this THEY, I rebuke THEY. THEY are for you to deal with and for me to write out my hurt, anger and pain.

THEY want you to be silent about THEY evil, so THEY can continue to ruin, blackball and be responsible for deaths over and over again.  THEY are DEPRAVED!

THEY have money, power and pay off Judges and Politicians to get THEY away with FRAUD and Murder!  THEY are doctors and Lawyers too. THEY are the evil one percent.  You would think THEY would be kind, goes to show you that avarice evidently makes THEY mean and wicked. Goes to show you that all THEY  moolah doesn’t make THEY happy, so THEY engage in bad acts as a hobby.  THEY are disgusting!

THEY are the agitators, the tormentors and the terrorists for the senseless on the defenseless. In the name of Jesus I rebuke THEY. In the name of Jesus, I ask fervently and with a pure heart father you expose THEY wickedness.   Thank you Lord, because you know who THEY are even when I don’t. Amen! and Amon!

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