Silence – Betrayal!

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There comes a time when silence is betrayal!  

You know when one is being Bullied, Terrorized the victim wants just someone they can trust, someone they can share their hurt and pain with, but so many people (not known at the time) are DECEIVERS. I mean when you reside in an insular world and this type of evil smacks you at 46 yrs, it is a challenge to endure, but knowing what I know now, that is clearly the intent.

I know damn well, someone knows something about this heinous evil and terrorism, yet everyone remains mum.  I wonder if it was them, would they want to know the intricate details of so much hate, fraud and corruption.  I was determined not to ask a thing when I was in my PTSD and depression stupor of barely functioning. I’d only get little hints or eye looks and I’d leave it alone, but now I want to know and I want to know every intricate detail of these beasts. What I speculate much about now is mainly what I get from research and so-called other TIs on Twitter.

You may ask what is a TI?  Good question because I’d never heard the term before either. I merely thought I was the victim of one man’s hatred, personal vendetta for whatever reason and bullying.  I had no idea he had the power to wield the entire Government against me, nor do I give a damn because this is straight bull excrement. I had no idea that other TIs lived this terrorism either. Oh, what is a TI?  TI is the acronym for Targeted Individual.  Clearly a new term for me.

TIs are intentionally targeted for destruction, so that places bullying above the 33rd order.  This is bullying on steroids.  Albeit the end goal is the same, the perpetrators are working over time for a forced suicide or a mental or prison incarceration so that they can inject you with drugs to experiment on you in some form of slow kill torture. I honestly never heard of this and I was a Military Intelligence officer. Great thing I was not introduced to this criminal evil. The other difference is, those involved in Tis destruction, they get paid as there is some type of bounty imposed – what the fee is and to do what, I still have not received those answers, but as one person suggested, people will do anything for money.  Even alleged friends, family and so-called Sorors.

I never had a lot of friends anyway, but those I did have, I trusted, now I wonder and look at some with keen eyes, especially the new ones lately who just seem to pop out of nowhere. My biggest challenge is that I am a people person, am outgoing and LOVE people, all kinds. I’ve always prided myself on being able to communicate with most, no matter where you originated from.  But this terrorism has brought all kinds of people trying to set me up, I guess this is part of that Leslie Feinberg – do you know who I am and Jeff Feinberg, I suggest you leave quietly or you will be haunted forever, both third party comments relayed to me by other employees.

I recall on on both occasions on hearing this, I was shocked, people really say these things – wow!  I certainly had no idea as to the magnitude of what this meant – but I would soon find out and for a period of five years and ongoing.

Some people I picked up on right away, others it took a bit of time.  The first Attorney  I had, thank God I picked up on that in my opinion crook right away. She made more trips to New Jersey than she stayed in her office in Alexandria.  I knew then she was on the take and the Corporation had more money to pay her than I ever could.  Mind you, I’d gone through many scaredy cat lawyers who knew they were not going to take my case, but called me in for a Consultation just to get that consultation fee. I have come to have  a deep disdain for Attorneys.

So the second Attorney I retained, I was suspect why he took the case when so many others were afraid to.  I liked him, because he came recommended by someone I thought I could trust – the verdict is still out on that one. I really did at first, but now I just do not know. Some deceivers are very good, others you can see right through.  And I mean they came from every which way but loose..  So this Attorney was what I thought was a religious, honorable man and I believed in him and that he cared about me and my well being when others in my sphere vehemently did not feel the same way about him. They were clearly disappointed in his performance in the courtroom and I was disappointed during the deposition. I should have picked up on it then, but I was truly trying to give this person the benefit of the doubt.  When we had our conversation about OMNISEC,OMINIPLEX or whatever is the name of that IMHO lying, taunting, haunting, harassing front company is.  he really appeared to be on my side.  By the second time we had to go to court, I knew something was wrong, either he was afraid or he had been bought and paid by the Telecom involved.  I asked him was he threatened, he said he feared no man, so that left only one option and that was bought & paid.

Although he did not have the fire and finesse I wanted, I thought from the core, he had my best interest at heart. People would say he did not represent me well in that courtroom and I agreed with that, but could not bring myself to speak against him. He seemed so sincere, although  he clearly is not a polished $500 an hour attorney. and I did not pay him that. Sometimes I want to report him to the BAR and request my money back.  He is what he is – a retired EEOC Government Attorney who does not even speak that well. I guess he was a Government paper pusher lawyer. Now it doesn’t mean he isn’t smart, just not enough oomph for me, either by choice or fear for this case.

I would later receive a call from someone to tell me that this Attorney was on the take, in fact the person told me to tell him that he said he was on the take, but I never did, because I don’t know this person either.  What I do know is he has a high disdain for the man of the land.  I just could not go there with him.  But now that I can recall events, some of the pieces are coming together.

I would speak about Aileen Thompson, but I am going to have s separate blog for her.  She is Verizon’s attorney or was during my EEO, that is a whole blog alone.

STG– This is another company IMHO that I believe is a front. This is the company where many of my Gangstalkers came from.  I was called for an interview and then I was called back and said they did not have any more slots, that they had to give the slots to a Sub name Avalon Technology or is that Technologies, I forget at this moment.  But I could come in and interview and have my name put on a waiting list.  So I went to the interview. I met with a man by the name of Greg Babitz. He was sly. at first seemed nice, but right in the interview he said something to me that no one had ever said to me in my entire career of interviewing.  I was taken aback, but remained calm, but in my mind I was thinking…. So supposedly he was the first gate for me to get to interview with Avalon, I did and got the job at a lower pay scale than those without my experience or educational credentials, I needed to work, so I took the job.

Little did I know at this time, this was designed to be a set-up job, but I did my job, so what was the set-up?  Oh, yes, there was a set-up and this is book material, but it was not the outcome they expected.  So I traveled to what nearly 30 locations and had no issues. I didn’t know until later, they were hoping for at least one complaint, i guess this is so they could fire me, but in my entire life, I’d never been fired from a job. How do you get fired from a job when you do your job, other than someone lying to set you up.  So near the end of the contract, I guess they were running out of steam, so they had this black man named Dan to act the pure “d” fool.

We were in West Virginia at a medical facility, this man leaves the site, tells no one and when it came time for my accountability check, he was nowhere to be found. I called his cell phone – NOTHING, he chose not to answer. I called another guy, nothing and I called the 3rd guy, a white guy, he answered.  I asked him where he was, he informed me that he was at the hotel, that Dan said he was going back to the hotel to work. I informed Rob to get with Dan and come back to that site immediately, that we did not come to West VA to work in a hotel.  Dan dropped Rob off and left (total disrespect and defiance), this was incredulous! In all my years in the Army and Corporate I never had a so-called professional fool to ever act like this.  I had to call back to Reston to get someone to make him come back to the site. Oh, he came back alright, when he came back, we were outside and he came there screaming and hollering to the top of his lungs like a freakin crazy ass whacko. I was mystified, no one in all my years of employment  (Army or Corporate) had EVER acted like this.  It appeared he had been drinking, he and the other guy – both black.  The team and I  just sat there in sheer disbelief!  I asked him calmly, what is wrong with you. I asked him twice and he just kept yelling that  even the VA employees were looking.  I suspect Dan was his cover name.  I will put my write up against him in the book.  I said nothing more, maintained my business acumen, professionalism and composure to complete the days activities, but  I was hot!  That evening, I went back to the hotel and made some calls. The Lead tried to say it was burnout for us being on the road, but I still wrote his ass up. I have worked with a lot of men, both black, white, Asian, Latino and NEVER in my life did any of them every DISRESPECT me like that.  Even the perps at the PA site did not act as bad and they were white.  I will discuss this in detail in the book to include a vignette about a little drunk black man named Eric and what he said about me as well as the rest of those men, people  at STG hired to taunt me.

Needless to say, I wrote Dan up, for what good it did. He stayed on  the contract as a follow-on for a few more weeks and I left at Contract end, I was  invited and then disinvited to the final outbrief after doing a great job a Team Lead 95% of the time under monumental stress from the Jeff Feinberg terrorism, but it meant absolutely nothing.   I also will speak to the attempted set-up that occurred while I was onsite in Arkansas – when I say these beasts are wicked, they are. It means nothing when you are a Target and they are out to get you and this would become my pattern for the next five years until the final blackball to ruin. Nevertheless, through all this evil, hurt, pain and terrorism, I’ve come to accept God’s will.  If it means I can never work again in or with Government, I am fine with that. If it means their bounty means an ultimate slow kill murder, I too am fine with that, if this is what God allows. I can’t change a thing if God allows it.

But what I know for sure is whatever happens, I am going to stand my ground with Courage with Conviction, void Fear (I’ve had enough of those days) and say for God  live, for God I die and I am NOT going to back down, because this is absolute fraud and corruption orchestrated by a white/Jewish racist beast whom I did absolutely NOTHING to. So if I have to die for fighting to expose Truth and Justice then so be it.  I accept God’s will and purpose for my life, but no one on this earth will say I was a Coward.  Like I said, if I had done one thing  to Jeff Feinberg, one thing to offend Verizon – I would have been the first to apologize because I own my errors, I always have.

I was trained to be the best I can be, my parents taught me to be the best I can be.  My mom and dad said whatever I turned out to be, to be the best at it.  They said if I had to be a street sweeper then be the best streetsweeper.  My mom said when you do something wrong, you don’t lie about it, she said because when you tell one lie, you have to tell another one and then you have to try and remember the lie you told to cover up for the on you can’t remember, so you might as well tell the truth. I have lived by that from the time I was eight years old and my mom has too.  Most times parents are a sweeping example of how we raise our children.

I will never forget we were at the grocery store. It was my mom, my aunt and my then two ace boom cousins.  Mom had gone in the store to purchase something, when she returned to the car, she was counting her change and the white clerk had given mom an extra $20.00 in change.  The kids to include me were chanting keep it, keep it.  My mom said no, that is not right, I cannot do that. She took that $20 back in that store and that was a POWERFUL lesson to us children – NEVER EVER BE A THIEF! AND I NEVER HAVE BEEN! I was raised well, doesn’t mean perfect but clearly on the right side of right.

Now there is another one, not sure how many they will send, but I thank God for keeping me thus far with these greedy sell out deceiving sisters.  I always maintain that Jeff went big on this one, army of tanks  to get a gnat.   And the more I think about the Attorney and the one who recommended him, fakes, deceivers, they should receive Oscars at the  Academy Awards for all this acting, all I can say, Verizon, Jeff someone must be paying big bucks on this racially charged and hatred bounty. I guess I don’t know who the Feinbergs are, because they damn sure have every Govt agency in this war of hate against me.  A true enemy of the State.

NOT GIVNG UP!  For God I live, For God I Die!  This too is senseless on the defenseless. The average person could not take this terrorism, that is why I know but I know there is a God.  Someone on Twitter said to me, that most TIs are low keyed because our lives are under attack 24/7.  I recall watching a movie with Samuel Jackson in it, I can’t think of the name right now, but in part, he said something to the effect that living in FEAR is not living!  I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt, so I refuse to live in fear anymore. And low key is not in my DNA.

This terrorism is incalculable, but when I get weary, I read about women of strength, who have endured so much viciousness, physical viciousness, other than them ramming my car with that truck, burning me with the satellite , irradiating my leg, stealing my mail, violating HIPAA and trying to run me off the road, most of my terrorism has been mental and emotional!  As much as it hurts, I was not built to break, so it will have to be a physical destruction. I am not a big alcohol drinker and I do not pop pills, never have liked pills, drugs or any of that, so I don’t have the burden of trying to combat pills, alcohol or drughs on top of this monumental stress. I almost went there, but God gave me a big resounding Stop It, I heeded. to bad there are other ills I did not heed to, perhaps I would have never encountered this unseen danger that I had never been exposed to.

Huh, sin is fun at first.  The sign in pure daylight.  So I am not sure of God’s plan, prayerfully it is for restoration, if he had to break me down to make me stronger and wiser, then hallelujah!  If not I accept his will because I know NOW that most days, I work within a joy and a peace that surpasses all my understanding. I purpose in my heart to work on shedding the anxiety and pain.  I say they may take my body, but they will not take my soul – that is NON-NEGOTIABLE! When I think of Connie Marshall out of Louisville, Kentucky -physically beat her up, reroute her calls, Assata, shot, imprisoned and  ran out of this country due to lies and racism and more recently Soror Bunnatine Greenhouse, in her fight against Cheney and Haliburton,  my strength and fight increases!  I am not the only woman, black white, Asian or Latino rocking this immense pain!  Hell, one Whistleblower – Julia Davis, they landed a black hawk helicopter in her yard, caused her dad to have a heart attack and die from the turmoil and she did not give up.   So all those white SUVs driving by my house like I stole money or drugs is small potatoes to a black hawk landing in your yard or being beat up. I was threatened that I had a bench warrant (Roanoke, VA)  out for my arrest and I am like  FOR WHAT,  the devil could never give me a straight answer. so I told him that sounds like a threat and I do not take threats well.  So there are many of us on this battlefield of evil fighting for Justice in our innocence. Sadly, some have succumbed to forced suicide or murder made to look like suicide or DEW heart attack and stroke deaths whereby the murderers puts on his suit and tie  or uniform and goes to work like nothing ever happened, come home, sleep, snore at night – just pure EVIL! One of the many things I’ve learned is that God is more concerned with our character than our comfort, so no matter what they do, I will stand on the right side of Justice because I know that this slowkill is an overkill. I put on my big girl panties and deal with it, whatever it is!

God only you – thy will be done!  No editing in this blog. After reading about Mind reading today, I am drained and wanted to get some thoughts out the door. I am confident, you will understand. I may edit later, I may not.  All this evil, terror and wickedness because Jeff Feinberg says he doesn’t like someone – a effin mazing!

Thank you for reading and hopefully believing this wicked truth.  It is twilight zone lunacy!

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