Senseless on The Defenseless – Sandy Hook – Evil in the Season of Christ

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The devil is busy!  REBUKE  Satan(ists) in the name of Jesus!

You know there is nothing worse to me than someone harming innocent children.  It bores to the core of my soul!  Little ones are so precious, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you pray for their protection, they typically love you unconditionally if you show them love and care  – they seek your guidance and direction as those of us striving to adhere to the Christian doctrine seek guidance and direction from God.  Just as God gives us order, most normal, caring and loving parents give our children and other people’s children in our care – Order and Unconditional love!

The evil that traverses this globe is awe appalling and just downright incalculable or is it?  Should any of us be surprised?  Most of us are when our lives are not peppered with evil.  We go about living our lives, moving and grooving trying to do the best we know how or the best we were RAISED to do and be.  Others who are not raising or disciplining their children with love may get what occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, if it is not directed by some Voice to Skull (V2K) technology of intended for evil.  Although the story or the truth is still unfolding and we will have to sift through media spin and lies, what we know for sure is that there are at least 20 INNOCENT children and eight educators dead,if my numbers are accurate as of this writing.

Right now most of us are not aware of the backstory, we are just trying to grasp the hurt and pain of so many children dying here in the USA at one time.  Children die in volume across the globe everyday, but in my opinion, typically very few care about other children (non white) anywhere else until it impacts their/our own back yard.  Typically, in my opinion, Americans don’t care about anyone until it impacts their lives, the sad tragedy of uncaring, indifferent or evil people.

Now what we believe right now is that most care about 20 innocent children being dead.  No one expects to put their little children on the school bus and receive  a call to hear your little Johnny  or little Mary will not be home today from the 2nd or 3rd grade because he/she has been shot by either a rogue young male angry at his mother, and oh by the way, by the guns allegedly registered to his mother.  Now I do not believe much the crooked media reports – Is this true, is this a  well crafted LIE to cover-up something more sinister?  I did not use to think this way until my satanic encounter with Jeff Feinberg while under the employ of Verizon, because I’d never been exposed to such heinous wickedness.  I now have an entire paradigm shift and newfound knowledge of evil.  I imagine much like the parents of the children of Sandy Hook, they just lived their golden precious lives unencumbered by crime, let alone having to accept that the perpetrator is one of their own.

I am informed that a recent break-in by a white kid growing up in the neighborhood did not yield an arrest because the police knew him from childhood. So the acts and signs begin early, oft times nothing is done when they are a white male, however; I assured my black nephew, that had it been him, he would have been arrested, taken in and put in jail, but not those who look like the police, they get away with evil and get it covered-up; that is until something tragic like this occurs and then they try to put a pretty face to it.  Remember Corporate, Banking and Government Gangsters are not held accountable for the innocent and defenseless lives they ruin – just the American way.  God will not allow evil and wrongdoing to remain in a vacuum forever, there are consequences and Karma for all our evil and sin.

What caused this young man to do this and God forbid how do we intercept any copycats? Children die everyday, people die everyday, but what make these children deaths different? Will it be because they are white, will it be because of their family’s socioeconomic factor, will it be  because of their parents and/or relatives’ political ties, will it be the sheer volume of the children’s deaths – just what?  One thing for sure, race will play a part, I say that with confidence  – that you can take that to the bank.  What will be truth and what will be lies?  But at the end of the day, whether black, white, red or yellow, most of us are in shock and hurting because the thought of little children being harmed is just incalculable.  White America is wholly in shock because it is their white kids and a white male  who did the killing.  As much as it pains Black America to se these children dead, we take comfort in knowing it was a white person who did this evil – WHY?  Because had a young black male engaged in this heinous wickedness, there would have been those evil white possees  just waiting to ruin/destroy black blood, mounting up to kill, murder, maim and hang every young black male and his family in sight.

So why did this young white male kill his mother, these children and educators, what in the world was going on in his head?  Right now all we have is speculation and conjecture and who knows we may NEVER get truth?  Was he an undisciplined spoiled brat?  Was he on drugs either illegal or prescribed anti-depressants?  Was he just a mean, cantankerous person?  Was he a part of a Government Mind Control program like MK Ultra, Project Monarch – the Phoenix Program,  V2K Satellite controlled – or just what?  Whatever the case, on the surface right now, it appears he was angry with his mother? If he killed her at home, why did he have to go to the school, she is dead and wouldn’t have  known anyway? Why did he not stop with his mother?  Had his mother abused him as a child and is this unbridled rage finally coming out?  If true, why did she have those guns, was it to protect herself from him?  There are so many unanswered questions.

Who are the parents, grandparent, relatives of these children – are they normal good citizens?  Why these children, is it karma, consequences, is it sins of the family visiting generations, are their relatives and associations good people, are they bad people, have they harmed or mistreated others, are they evil, racist, pompous, arrogant, non-caring, just what?  The who, what, whys will be queries for awhile or until the next evil event happens in the USA as it pertains to white America.

Some say devil white America and question is this exacting punishment?  Others ask, why does God allow this on children?  How far in the mirror do any of us have to look, do we have to gaze?  Deep in our hearts do we know, should we know?  What I know for sure, that I am hurting at the thought of all of this and as well as many others, especially the parents and loved ones who are in sheer pain.

When I think of the little hearts in my life, thinking had that happened to them, the pain sweeps me at just the thought, I could not imagine this happening to my precious little hearts – the ones who make me laugh by patting my behind and telling me I have a biggum,  pretend nails, pretend hair, messy office etc…. The hurt, the anger of the children at Sandy Hook’s innocence stolen at what we term to soon is to daunting to comprehend. What is God’s plan in this evil? What is he trying to tell us by allowing it? Are we getting it, are we heeding?

When I think of my own pain orchestrated/inflicted by an older rogue and evil white/Jewish person, I asked and continue to ask those same questions?  What I believethere is always a backstory to evil and disobedience and if any of us are truly honest with ourselves, we do not have to look to far, most of us choose to be delusional or in denial to accept truth and want to blame any and everyone else for evil without first examining ourselves, our own sin, our own erred ways.  It is the American way to cast blame and cover wrongdoing.  Sadly, this will not be the last time.  The stakes with evil seems to get higher and higher with each occurrence whether it is in a classroom, Corporate workplace or Boardroom.

May God help us ALL, we are in the need of prayer and deliverance from evil that just did not begin and will not end with Sandy Hook elementary school.

RIP little hearts, RIP!  Maybe this is a call for advocacy to the parents to help other innocent dying children across the globe, no matter the hue.  We do not have all the answers, but prayerfully most of have hearts and we care about “all” little children, “all” people.  I wonder do we, is it enough or does selfishness, avarice and direct disobedience play a factor.  Some of us know that we must continue to pray at all times!

God please bring comfort to our hurt, pain and limited understanding to those of us who care about children and people everywhere  – Sandy Hook, Florida, Africa, India, Asia, South America etc… Everywhere – where children are being abused and murdered but do not receive an ounce of media attention.  HELP US ALL LORD WHO SEEK YOU – PLEASE!

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