What Did You Do……The Prevailing Question?

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I assume when people are in awe at the magnitude of power and hate Jeff Feinberg has, that  they cannot imagine one person creating such a wide range of destruction, FRAUD and conspiracy, the prevailing question between clinched teeth (like the satellite doesn’t capture that) is What Did You Do?  Hmmmm let’s see, fight a criminal fraudster and his vast lies back, one who has ties and power with someone, some few clearly to them who believe that they are bigger than God.  I guess the average person would question where is God in all this – that one person, excuse me one Beast can effect worldwide hate against ONE person who arrived to do their job and perform it well, unlike the vast lies they tell.  After reading about trumped up charges, prison terms (Ken Ford, NSA), taking Disability from people who fight back fraud, the full works to ruin and multiple threats on other Targeted Individuals, it becomes an oh well numb to wicked beasts posing as people.  I spoke with a TI today, especially about the “they” listening in on our calls and clicking to let us know they are there, what a laugh we shared. When the TI informed me that he/she talks to them, I just hollered, I thought I was the only one who talks to the beasts while they are listening in.

I informed this TI, that I’d been trying to contact them for six years, I had no idea God would answer my prayer and this person would show up at a place where I could actually talk to them.  I informed them, that I’d attempted to contact them and how, the TI said that is ashamed, because I always said to give out my information and this organization did not, which makes me believe that the organization is some beastly front too.  Nevertheless, it has happened, we have met and will share truths.  I feel one of my many prayers have been answered to finally speak with this TI.  After a challenging morning, this introduction made for a great day!

So after a great day, I get home and  BAM open a letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Employment Commission, Notice of Exhaustion (see attached)VEC Exhaustion_Dec 5 2012.  The bizarre element is that I was informed two things, that my unemployment would end December 29th, but yet it ended December 5th. I was also informed that when I recently applied that $7K was in the unemployment bank, clearly I have not used $7K, so how did it end so rapidly – interesting.  The Life of a TI, what did I do again?

Well my next task is back to the Congressman’s office, they called on November 3rd (I just retrieved the message today), asking for Exhibit F.  Ugh, what does that have to do with them burning me with the satellite or having Bruce Tweedy, Aaron Graves and Chris Koehle (now retired)  from the Washington, Headquarters Services at the Pentagon lie.  They need to release my FOIA period.  Who is Jeff Feinberg is the question that should be asked, how does he affect three lettered Govt Agencies participating full scale in his personal vendetta witch-hunt?  These should be the prevailing questions.

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