Special Agent William Bannister (C759) – Fraudster!

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Wow, what seemed like a nice man actually turned out to be a lying rogue agent, a devil in sheep’s clothing!  I mean this dirt digger, trying to paint me as an angry black woman (nothing could have been further from the truth at that time), fraudster sat in my living room, asking questions as if he was actually conducting a background investigation for a security clearance and in my ignorance I thought he was there for my Poly – what a fool I was?  Under any other scenario, we probably would have gotten along.

Lesson Number 1  –Never let an Investigator come into your home, meet him/her at a public place. Now it seems they meet Subjects at Libraries, but NEVER EVER let them come to your home!  I cannot underscore this statement enough.  Every man-beast in a suit and tie is NOT legitimate.  Oh, he was smooth, but not that smooth as his questions were off base. I mean, I’ve had a security clearance since 1984/5 and had been through this exercise every 5 years thereafter, not to mention, I have B&Cs, was trained in Counterintelligence and worked as a Personnel Security Officer while serving as a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer.

As you can determine from his handwritten requests Bannister Packet [1] thru pg 17 these questions are atypical from any security clearance investigation. He asked me for a copy of my Master’s Degree transcript, which is truly bizarre because if one is a legitimate agent, they can get access to that and no Investigator had ever asked me for this, but like a fool, I showed him a copy and he had the unmitigated gall to say  “oh you were a good student”  – BLANK STARE.

Additionally, he asked me where my spouse worked, how much money he made and for a copy of our financial statement.  I am thinking these are some different types of questions.  I called my spouse who has a Poly and asked where I could locate our financial statement, he asked me what I needed it for, I informed him. He said they do not ask for that in a Poly investigation.

So as this red flag reared its ugly head, and after I got off the phone with my spouse,  I queried SA Bannister if this was for my Poly – he said no.  I asked what was it for, he said a Verizon security clearance investigation, which was truly bizarre since my clearance had already been favorably adjudicated and I had met with the legitimate investigator.  I informed him my husband would retrieve the financial statement.  By this time, I was onto him, something was not sitting right in my core.

He went to his car and if he did not sit in that car in front of my home talking to someone on the phone for 30 minutes it was an hour. It was so bizarre that my mom said, that man is still out in front of the house. As I look back on it, he was probably reporting to Jeff Feinberg whom would later deny that he even knew William Bannister, well someone knew him, because someone sent him to desperately try to dig some dirt on me. What I’ve come to learn about wicked beasts posing as people, if they can’t find dirt, they will attempt to set it up and if that doesn’t work, they will make it up  – oh  how I have learned this.

So I contacted Aileen Thompson (Verizon’s Attorney) who was working my EEO case, whom in my naiveté and pure ignorance thought for some reason she was on the side of right.  Damn I was dumb to people trying to do right. Lesson Number 2 – Never, never ever complain to a Corporate HR or Corporate Ethics Attorney, they are corrupt liars and are only there to ruin you for having the intestinal fortitude for bringing about truth against their corporate criminals.  These people are so wicked, they even threatened me with Body Parts ( a separate blog on this later).

Initially, she was so nice.  As you can see from the first email, she said she knew nothing about sending Bannister and suggested I not speak with him. Aileen Thompson2_Contradictory Emails (Verizon)Subsequently, she came back with a lying email claiming yes, Verizon had sent him for  a job for me.  Hello, I was just fraudulently  RIFed based upon Jeff Feinberg’s racist personal vendetta and since when does a Corporation have a Charter to conduct a security clearance investigation, this is reserved for the Government.  Oh the tangled web we weave.

So I see now there are a web of lies, so I sent a letter (updating later, I have to set up my printer and block out some personal data) to the OPM Privacy Office to inquire if they sent SA William Bannister, as you can see in the return correspondence, they did not. So now something is very sinister, so I contacted my Congressman’s office in person as well as my Senator’s office in person respectively.  Each of these I will discuss in detail in a future blog as this blog is focused on rogue SA William Bannister.  So in this web of universal deceit, I contacted the FBI twice, first by phone, secondly in person. I have the guy’s name (phone contact) in my pile of evidence, all of this I am saving for the book edition.  My question to the FBI was – is SA William Bannister a legitimate Agent, because by now, I am finding out that he is giving various editions of whom he is working for in this fraudulent investigation of me.  He went from Verizon, to NSA to DoD and even the CIA (A.S. – black woman) said he was legitimate and that they sent him, I assume A.S. and B.S. are code names.  I met with her and Attorney B.S. in person.  Clearly not impressed with either, one seemed scared, the other said nothing just listened – more details in book reference this.  This will be detailed in the book. So by this time, the FBI said he was a legitimate Agent, yes that aspect was true.  What was not true, he had no charter to investigate me for a security clearance. At the 11th hour (meaning just before court) a company in Chantilly, VA named OMNISEC/OMNIPLEX International, Inc, finally took ownership of Bannister.  As you can see in John Jay Adams (Perjurer) – John E. Adams_OmniplexDeclaration which I term as a DeclaLIEAdams Declalie_Twitter under oath says he sent William Bannister.  Yet, my calls and emails to OMNISEC/OMNIPLEX are repeatedly ignored.  The person I contact is Mr. Knowles, he has never responded.  It is not over!  My passion burns deep about this universal deceit and FRAUD!  It is unwarranted and if they are doing this to everyday citizens just because some demon decides he doesn’t like someone for whatever reason, this is purely heinous crimes against humanity that wicked people are getting away with.

There is so much this fraud, I am going to have to have Blog sequels because there is clearly sooooooo much more! And right now, all this evil just makes me ill and tired, so I have to take it in baby steps to inform of all the evil that has and continues to occur.

Have a great day!

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act – Orwell

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