Deception and Smiling Faces

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One thing about residing in an insular community, there is just a lot that one does not know.  The exposure is so limiting that you can’t fathom an environment of Targeted Individuals as a hobby.  Yes, you are aware that there are mean, evil and wicked people, but not to the point that is is actually a nanosecond by nanosecond Project intended to destroy.  The actions by Jeff Feinberg and his jackals are appalling and have opened up my sensory to a new world  with a  lot of order to destroy – lol!  I have to laugh to assuage the pain.  You know that you are going to work and doing your job to what you believe to the best of your ability because no one has said anything different UNTIL they want to get you and get you for whatever reason is beyond my wildest imagination.  You believe that you are poised, professional and have the makings that you’ve had for the past what 20 years that you have professionally survived Corporate America as well as the military and BAM! you encounter a Bully beast posing as human.  A beast who conveys that one or some are NOT IN YOUR/THEIR PLACE.  Now what does this actually denote – “NOT IN YOUR PLACE”.  I have yet to figure this one out.  In a jocular moment a friend and one I consider a friend not just a deceptive smily face perp or sent citizen informant aka gangstalker, says in his playful aristocratic voice – you see Dawn – the problem with you is that you are just an uppity “N”.  Hah got you – “Negro” he said.  Although he said it in jest, let’s examine this for a moment.  In the context of the world of opinions, it is apparent that everyone has a classification.  It’s kinda like lower, middle and upper class.  Hmmm and then you will have those that further the classification to say lower-lower, lower-middle, lower-upper and so forth and so on for the middle and upper echelons of beings.  So where am I going with this  hell I don’t know, I am just mindmapping thoughts at this moment, not even sure I will edit.  So what drove Feinbeastberg to make this 3rd party statement and what is driving me to write this particular blog is about an individual I have been somewhat hands off because I thought he /she was in my corner but just afraid to assist, because of course he/she has to keep their job, that he/she was only caught between a rock and a hard place and therefore had to lie.  That is  until I saw a comment on the Internet yesterday that incensed me and I woke-up incensed thinking about – truly a trigger.  For the past six years, I’ve protected their private comments to me and looking at their as well as looking at their documented lie on  a statement with utter disgust, but trying to understand their viewpoint of safety in a job.   Although from the core of my soul, I sincerely do not believe I could or would have documented that lie, but everyone is different and I guess if your faith is shakey or driven by fear at that moment in time, one is apt to lie for fear of job loss.  My thought on this, even if you lie, there is no guarantee that you won’t lose your job somewhere along that spectrum and if you do, it will be hard to recant because you’ve already lied. Trust me no Corporation is beyond carrying you to the joyful brink of retirement and then BAM, letting you go, firing you on a humbbug just so that they will not have to pay  your retirement benefits. It was articulated to me that this happened and NOW that man is DEAD, no they didn’t directly kill this one, unless it was through their demonic mind control program, but the lies, the pain led him to a path of first alcohol, then drugs and finally – ultimately death because he could not grasp giving his life to this Corporation and they just firing him off the word of a lying white man in the Pentagon.  So now he is dead and not able to enjoy his retirement because I assume he was not in his place gleefully discussing his impending retirement after what 26-30 years with the Company.  But I digress as I typically do, so how do I bring this back around.  I was talking about the world’s contextual classification of people and Jeff saying Steve and I were not in our places. This particular place was asking a question of a Contractor he was greasing the skids and rumored to be taking kick-backs for allowing this Contractor to come in and give this sorry class that no one liked but was afraid to say because of the Feinbeastbergs, you dare not question them or disagree with them, because if you did, you would find yourself FIRED, TARGETED, BEAMED with a satellite tumor or perhaps even dead from a classic staged suicide or a highway car-truck staged intentional!  Google Abbie Boudreau and see how they sent that tractor trailer to ram her car, because she was the only one with guts to try and get this TRUTH and his jackals stopped that.  Of course I was not aware of this initially!  I was just a happy go lucky person, living life like it is golden, moving and grooving through professional benevolence and I guess that was to much happy for that Napolean Complex satanist Zionist Beast.  Can’t have any happy negroes or for that matter, happy anyone. If you are happier than his evil asset – YOU ARE WRONG!  I have to pause here and go exercise, but I will be back – lol his (Jeff’s) famous words too! I am going to publish an then come back to it!  This is unedited yall!  Hey, I am back from Body Pump, wanting to finish this out.  Actually, I’ve lost much of my thought process for this particular Blog at this moment, so I will say this.  The number of deceivers, perps, citizen informants, jackasses – choose your vernacular that they sent is awe appalling.  It didn’t matter where I was, one or a few was there tying desperately to intimidate.  Anyone know the bounty for forced or staged suicide by the Jeff Feinberg types?   Or is their goal to haunt & terrorize you forever? That’s what he said and Danielle is dead!  So  is Dan Felder for that matter.  So let me get this straight, just to be clear.  Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Mo the Feinbergs don’t like you, so you become an Enemy of the World, you get a Burn Notice, you get community markers and letters of, those letters, can’t think of the term, will update later when it is more convenient.  Just because Jeff and Leslie Feinberg says so.  So it begs the question of who they are?  At this moment, I’ve heard back from Congressman Wolfe, but nothing from DoD re the FOIA?  Well at least this time, his office did not suggest I move.   Oh, I am so not finished, so NOT giving up as this is asinine in the worst way.  Anyone else would have been in prison now. Oh I guess Corporate Gangsters don’t do prison for their crimes against humanity. Only street gangs and innocent people they set up to shut up.  SMDH!

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  1. redecomposition

    I kind of like classification as system of systems in contrary of classes as it explains better how such unwanted crazy attention towards one individual could be generated. Even human is system of system, atoms, molecules, cells, organs, etc. Society is also system of systems – humans, organizations, companies, cultures, societies, all intertwined. It’s important to try to look at the puzzle from every possible angle constantly reassessing the input and output – as if you solving rubicks cube – you can’t solve it by looking at only one plane. If you take butterfly affect seriously – theoretical example of a hurricane’s formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before, gangstalking doesn’t seems that far fetched.

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