What’s It All About, This Crazy Life

Good Day,

You know I recall being asked “why you”, “what did you do”?  Being told, when “they” want to get you, they will.  Being told, they are watching and so forth and so on (song Everyday People playing in my head right now).  Well I want to know who this “they” are? I want to know why are they so wicked and what is this eeney, meeney, miney mo you are the next go?  Well at the time, when I thought this was only Bullying and those bullied, my intent is not to make light of Bullying – so please work with me here. I repeat that is not my intent.

I was not aware of what a “haunting forever” meant. I was totally clueless to COINTELPRO, MK-ULTRA, The Monarch Program, Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking, Mobbing etc…  I had no idea about bioethics, satellites, radio terrorism, what I call car  “intentionals” (supposedly fatal car accidents, which are not accidents at all but intentionals, intentional murder). I had no idea that they employ so many black people to set up and ruin black people.  I assume whatever nationality you are, they use those people  as well.  All of these terms and actions were simply new to me. I had no idea they send beasts to rape people or blackball people from employment until they are homeless and hopeless, broken and in despair until they force a suicide.  How they sleep at night is beyond me?

I was not aware that they beam satellites in your home to invade privacy, listen in on phone calls and stealth emails.  So this is what you call the rich folks playground, when the JeffCrows of the world decide they dislike someone, they give your name to the Govt to put you in one of the haunting forever programs.  This is insanity of the 33rd order.  I never knew a gaggle of people were so wicked. The evil that I saw on the news I thought were miniscule and isolated, no idea this is an entire structure of evil.  No college or university could have ever prepared me for this.  No amount of religion either, because I was/am angry ugly in my fight against these beasts with enough profanity laced retorts to send me straight to hell.  Many times not acting as Jesus would or a model Christian should.

So my world has been opened to  a vast and structured crime that I could have never even had a nightmare about. A crime that normal everyday citizens get placed into, evidently via a chess board. I do not understand how most are selected for these vile programs. I only know I was chosen because Jeff Feinberg did not like me, for whatever his reasons are. I think misogyny.  His mother must be one beast, because that offspring is a nut case in a suit.  I mean you want to talk about heartless, soul void beasts, he must be the mark of the beast’s forerunner.  I could not be comfortable with such wickedness, but clearly many can.

So my bully turned terrorism was appalling and more shocking than that was to find out, I am not alone, there are many targeted individuals suffering at the hands of these sociopathic sicko wickos.  One thing is true, even if the Lord allows one to live through it, I will suffer and be haunted the rest of my life.  I opine there is so much more that I am not aware of, perhaps God is saving me from that revelation for now until I am ready to hear it all, but trust me, I have seen and heard enough.  Life can never be the same in a targeted program that tried to kill you, burn your head, rape people, engage in noise terrorism, stalking, set-ups, lies, injections to damage health and the many more things they have done and do -all without accountability.  This is not “‘fucking” business as usual.  Sometimes people say let it go and act like I am supposed to just go back as normal, like I fell down and scraped my knee.  It is NOT THAT EASY!  We have dead people here, we have traumatized people here, we have people who have been raped here and I am supposed to say oh, it is just a “fucking” boo, boo. I don’t think so!!!  I mean at some point the gloves have to come off. I tried nice, I tried professionalism – it did not work. Some beasts do not understand nice or compromise, because they are so hell bent on destroying you.

People hibernating in fear, living a lives in paranoid oblivion because of these Jeff Feinbergs, scared to go out their homes, scared to fight back because of the “they” immense power and wealth. Well, then I say whatever God allows, but I am going to fight back, this is straight bull excrement.  I know I am not being a Christian right now.  And while writing is cathartic, it does give way to anger.  And I know I am not supposed to sin in my anger and for me that does mean profanity.  Kinda weird and I have to figure this out, profanity is a release mechanism for me, sad but true. So what I should do, before I write these blogs is read the word and pray first, somehow I have this backwards.  God help me to get it right.  Personally, I am not trying to be politically correct in these blogs, but I do want to show growth in my Christian walk and I am failing miserably at this moment. I could make the excuse we are not perfect and God knows my heart, but that wouldn’t be right either, so I own my on anger.

I have asked myself countless times, why can’t I just let this go, move on?  It is like there is a grip not to. I can’t explain it. So I don’t nor will I try.  But if I have offended, I will apologize, I do apologize if my language has offended and if you are a righteous person, I seek your prayers to be better, because I  know this is not living my highest and bestest life. I do have the liberty of editing it out, but I don’t want to.  This blog is about true, deep innermost feelings. I don’t believe editing out the bad will show growth and I intend to grow during this cathartic healing to become more Christlike – prayerfully.  Have a great day!

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  1. redecomposition

    I also wrote about unanswerable questions and constant stress that every targeted individual faces. The more I look into organized stalking by trying to find existing social/enforcement frameworks and attitudes that might support the notion that gangstalking is real the more apparent that gangstalking is just part of the system of systems. The problem becomes the language – how to equate what is happening with what is described. “Disruption tactics” by police do bear a lot of similarities to what victims describe.

    How do we arrive to the point to be singled out? Most likely it’s some personal type of vendetta, where initiator is able to influence the system to exploit it for their own purpose. If it’s not personal and system is secure from exploitation – it’s probably the mind and way of thinking, unless it’s some sort of death squads/eugenic program.


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