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Wow, it has taken me awhile to get to this point.  Now that I am here, this is a day, I do not feel well.  So my first blog is really about me beginning to blog. I have so much I want to say, so much that needs to be said, but yet, I am trying to determine if my blog about Bullying and Targeted Individuals (a new term and world for me) should begin in the middle, the end or should it be a chronological account. Whichever direction I select, I need to feel better than I feel today.  I am however; thrilled to know that I am on my way to finally revealing Truth that never had an iota of getting to a jury of my peers.  This is because the Corporate world  has economic sustainability to bankrupt, make homeless the best, either through hook or crook or the lining of political and judicial coffers to engage in blindeyes elitism against the sheople working class.  No money, no honey to get your truth exposed, only to get a cocktail mix of fraud, terrorism, cover-up and a vast conspiracy/fraud.  I really do not know who my Bully is connected to, albeit his wife made it clearly known that she was somebody in stating (3rd party) when an employee simply questioned her in a professional manner – Bullies do not like to be questioned.  Nevertheless, she stated to the employee, “do you know who I am”?  The employee at the time was experiencing menopause and stated to the Bully’s wife, “unless you are Jesus Christ, I really don’t give a d*mn”.  Needless to say, she was dismissed and unable to find work for a year.  I did not understand this web of deceit then, but I now opine she was blackballed, burn noticed for a year but because she did not make waves, the codes were eventually removed, the employment ban lifted. All of this evil, I learned later during my fight.

Employee two was informed by the Bully wife’s Bully husband (yes, they worked for the same company, same division and frankly the same chain) how do we spell n-e-p-o-t-i-s-m?   Oh, but I digress.  Anywho, employee two – after they lied, set subject up with “gay porn” on subject’s computer as a threat as well as the informed subject, “I suggest you leave quietly or you will be haunted forever”  rewind did I hear that correctly, you mean forever, forever like never-ending forever, yes you heard that right. Bully husband proved his power too.  Subject left said company, went to new company, was there one week and was fired.  That was certainly more than enough intimidation for a person that was blessed with 3 small children.  That was enough to put the fear of the devil in him to keep quiet about this Bully’s fraud.

Then there was me, employee 3 – yep that is me.  The web of deceit that has been weaved is colossal and it will take  me a year to probably get all the hurt, pain and evidence out – if not longer and that is probably blogging everyday – but in Sweet Brown’s vernacular, “ain’t nobody got time for that“.  While I have more time now, since I lost my job on September 19th, an absolute fraud again, of which I will speak about.  So I am on that ferris wheel  of emotional distress and anxiety again. I guess now, they have done so much, numbness has set in, but I am human.  So here I go again, IG  and Congressional complaints, blindeyes EEOC, denied unemployment, I mean a great framework for their much wanted suicide, no matter my hurt, pain, brokenness, hopelessness that is NOT going to happen – why, “I’m not about that life“.  So I endure their wickedness, I Push, Press, Pray and Praise, trusting and believing, standing until I can’t stand anymore, but at least I know the truth will be told.  Perhaps this will be cathartic towards a much-needed healing.

What began so I thought as Bullying, actually has become a new learning – Targeted Individual (TI), Gangstalking etc…    Something I never heard of happening to everyday citizens, this new-found knowledge is completely appalling to my nervous system, to my heart-strings, to the benevolence imparted in me from childhood that people posing as beasts have such thoughts so wicked that one cannot begin to make this up.

So my blog begins, hopefully, anger will not surmount to the point whereby,  I will get in the gutter like them, which is really why I had to abate this blog until I could gain some normalcy through the hurt and the intense rage.  More on that later, but at least this is the beginning.

Thank you for following as you journey into the heinous Bullying turned targeted terrorism!

Bully victor, striving Targeted Individual for a greater purpose.

Lord Help!


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